Daily Archives: January 12, 2009

Dead Pirate And Illegal Immigrants

Double shot post. Following up (original here) on the pirates who drowned after getting their booty The body of a Somali pirate who reportedly drowned soon after receiving a huge ransom has washed ashore with $153,000 in cash, his uncle says. The man was one of a group of pirates who seized the Saudi supertanker Sirius […]

Barry Picks Woman, Rev. Sharon Watkins, To Deliver Sermon

Another first! Is there nothing the Lightworker cannot do? Another first — woman to give inaugural sermon The Rev. Sharon Watkins will deliver the sermon at the traditional National Prayer Service on January 21, the day after Barack Obama is sworn in as president, the Presidential Inaugural Committee announced Sunday. Watkins, the general minister and […]

Bush Admits Ordered Being Mean To Terrorists, Think Progress Has Hissy Fit

It’s stories like this that make those on the Right wonder whoseside the Left is on: America’s or the terrorists? Of course, it is usually a retorical question, since we know the answer is pretty much the latter In an interview with Brit Hume that aired today on Fox News Sunday, President Bush admitted that […]

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