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How Obama Can Win The DCITWoT: Blame America

Here we go again. Another liberal in the media has found a way to blame America: How Obama Can End the War On Terror by Mark Juergensmeyer The first step in ending the War on Terror is to stop calling it “the war on terror.” Hencefore, it shall be known as DCITWoT: Don’t Call It […]

The Monkey Got Out Of The Cage!!!!!!

Why do I have an urge to watch 28 Days Later? Your humor story of the day, Surrender Monkey approved Thousands of current and former [University of Florida] faculty, staff and students received a text message reading “The monkey got out of the cage” Tuesday night. Run away, run away!

More From The World Of Club G’itmo: Leader and GOP

Heck, cBS has the wonky going today. First up, Ex-Gitmo Detainee May Be Al Qaeda Leader An Internet posting purportedly by al Qaeda in Yemen says the group’s No. 2 is a Saudi national who is a former Guantanamo detainee. The Yemeni group – known as “al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” – posted the […]

Surrender Monkey Friday: How Will Barry Govern?

The Surrender Monkey was laughing too hard after reading the headline at cBS News (story by Politico) to provide commentary, but his calm cousin, Staring Monkey, who does a great job at looking incredulous, is filling in, and just cannot believe the headline or the story. The full headline? The Great Unknown: How Will Obama Govern? […]

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