More From The World Of Club G’itmo: Leader and GOP

Heck, cBS has the wonky going today. First up, Ex-Gitmo Detainee May Be Al Qaeda Leader

An Internet posting purportedly by al Qaeda in Yemen says the group’s No. 2 is a Saudi national who is a former Guantanamo detainee.

The Yemeni group – known as “al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” – posted the statement this week on a militant Web site that regularly carries al Qaeda messages.

It says the man returned to his home in Saudi Arabia after his release from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba about a year ago and from there went to Yemen to join the terror group.

But those reports should not slow the Obama administration’s determination to quickly close the facility, according to Rep. Jane Harman.

Yup, no reason to slow down the closing, despite no plan whatsofrickinever! Say, Jane, you wouldn’t mind a detention center in Venice, California, would you? You can jog past it before heading to your home in Venice. No big deal, right?

Leading in to: GOP Doesn’t Want Gitmo Detainees In U.S. (that is the headline on the cBS front page. The actual page is titled House Republicans Introduce Bill Banning Gitmo Detainees From U.S. Soil)

With President Obama ordering the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within the year, House Republicans today introduced legislation to prohibit federal courts from ordering the release or transfer of detainees from the facility onto U.S. soil.

“Closing Guantanamo Bay presents a clear and present danger to all Americans,” said House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith. “These suspected terrorists must now be relocated and if they are transferred to military prisons in the U.S., they automatically will be granted rights far beyond those given to enemy combatants by any other country.”

I propose that President Obambi and/or Congressional Democrats put up or shut up: take the jihadis in to detention centers near where they live. That’s only fair, right?

Quick update: The New York Times has actual detail on the Yemeni al Qaeda leader, including a name (Said Ali al-Shihri) and history, something the Obama lovers at cBS news forgot to include.

And over at the Washington Post, we find out that Obamabi has effectively ended “Bush’s War on Terrorism” with the Presidential directives he signed Thursday, regarding the closing of Guantanamo and a few others. Is it now time for the “kindler, gentler” War on Terror? Will there be a global test?

And Michelle Malkin has a great article up entitled The John Murtha Jihadi Correctional Facility. It’ll be interesting to see some of the Letters to the Editor from Pannsylvania newspapers on Sunday.

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2 Responses to “More From The World Of Club G’itmo: Leader and GOP”

  1. John Ryan says:

    about 2/3 of all of the detainees that were held at Gitmo have been already released. i am sure that the benevolence shown to them while there can only endear them to our country. There are a further 60 of the remaining 250 currently being held there that have been “cleared” for release. All of this was done by the past administration. One must try to always think of the future problems that might occur from near term solutions. The jihadist movement received billions to fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s after they left the jihadists set their sights on us.

  2. The great House Speaker Nancy Pelosi don’t want the terrorist in Alcatraz but she would be kind enough to put them in your back yard.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday shrugged off Republican suggestions that the federal government reopen Alcatraz prison in her San Francisco district to house detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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