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Weblogs Awards 2008

Hey, I’m nominated in the Best Small Blog category (Technorati authority 101-200). Voting starts Monday. Hint hint. Have some stiff competition. I’m familiar with Nice Deb, A Blog For All, and Woman Honor Thyself. Last two are in my Bloglines, just added Nice Deb. Oh, and since Nice Deb and Exurban League are involved in […]

Pelosi To Change The House Rules Against Minority?

The most ethical and bi-partisan Congress evah! An early partisan skirmish is likely in the House next week, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to move a rules package that would curb the GOP’s ability to derail legislation through a parliamentary maneuver it has used over the past two years. Democrats may also end the […]

Bush Blames Bush Hamas For Gaza Fighting

In a story guaranteed to push any Liberal/progressive that is still sort of supporting Israel over Hamas in to the Hamas corner, President Bush tells whose fault the fighting is George Bush today blamed the continuing violence in Gaza on Hamas terrorism and offered no criticism of Israel in his first comments since Israeli air […]

Muslim Attacks Jewish Counter Protester

John Lilyea at This ain’t Hell has the details, the photos, and video. Go check out how peaceful the Religion of Peace is.

Media Military Hatred Story Part Lots: “Marine” Pleads Innocent In Murder Case

One of the types of stories the Credentialed Media loves is when a military member is involved in some sort of crime, that way they can push the meme that they are all psycho’s and malcomtents. So, to see this headline on the front page of CNN – saw it on CNN mobile as the […]

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