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The Dhimmification Of Europe Continues-Wilders Charged For Anti-Islamic Hate Speech

A preview of what the United States could become with a massively progressive Democrat President, majority Democrat House led by a far left progressive, and Democrat majority in the Senate, combined with a national GOP that has little in the way of cajones to fight back. Thank God the Supreme Court is still (mostly) ours. […]

Don’t Blame Me Stickers-Now With 1/20/2013

‘Memba those “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted McCain/Palin” bumper stickers I made up for CafePress back on November 5th? Well, thank you to all those folks who bought them. And are still buying them. Mostly in early November, though. I just got a check for $881 from CafePress for the sales! SuuuuuuWeet! Available here. More: […]

LA Debates Whether Riot Helmets Should Be Worn For Riots

No. Seriously. Liberal World intrudes: LAPD officer’s head injury raises debate over helmet use When local protests broke out this month over the Israeli invasion of Gaza, Los Angeles Police Department officials decided that officers at the scene should not immediately wear their riot helmets out of concerns the gear might escalate passions among the […]

Barry Ask For Temporary Halt To G’itmo Trials

After what so many called the worst inauguration ever (don’t ask me. I was working, and I never watch them. Can’t stand all the pomp and circumstance), President Barry, after a couple Marlboro’s, made a decision. Sort of Hours after taking office on Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama ordered military prosecutors in the Guantanamo war […]

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