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DU Thread Of The Day: Pure Unhinged BDS

They just can’t. Let. It. Go. The saddest part, one of many, is that this will be going on for at least 6 months to a year. WilliamPitt – ADIOS MOTHERFUCKER. Bush is gone. Subtle. Massive seething and language below the jump Thank the gods! Frackin’ motherfracker! fracking smegging gorram nerf-herder! Fuck yeah! The perfect […]

Calls For An Obama Tartan – We Have The Exclusive!

No. Really. Seriously. Calls have been made for Barack Obama to mark his inauguration as US president by creating his own tartan. The move would be the ideal way to celebrate Mr Obama’s Scottish ancestry and boost tourism, according to the Scottish Conservative Party. Mr Obama can be traced to William the Lion, who ruled […]

AGW Today: Believers Losing Faith

As we here in Central North Carolina witness first hand global warming cooling in the form of a nice snow storm (yeah, weather. And weather creates climate), more and more people are having issues with AGW American voters are losing faith in the theory that human activity is causing global warming, a Rasmussen poll released […]

Quote Of The Day For Barry’s Coronation

How sad is this? DemocratSinceBirth (that’s pretty sad to start with) I’m Wondering If I Should Go See The Inauguration At The Daytona Beach Bandshell They will have a jumbotron there. It’s a historical place. It’s about forty five minutes from my home. The last time I saw an event there was 92 when Bill […]

Al Qaeda Joins The Middle Ages, Time Of Bubonic Plague

People often say that radical Islamists are stuck back in the Dark Ages, well, no more. Seems they moved forward a bit. Oh, hey, didn’t they also have the Black Death during the beginning of the Little Ice Age, too? An al Qaeda affiliate in Algeria closed a base earlier this month after an experiment […]

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