AGW Today: Believers Losing Faith

As we here in Central North Carolina witness first hand global warming cooling in the form of a nice snow storm (yeah, weather. And weather creates climate), more and more people are having issues with AGW

American voters are losing faith in the theory that human activity is causing global warming, a Rasmussen poll released Monday says.

The poll asked 1,000 likely voters whether global warming was “caused primarily by human activity or by long term planetary trends.” Only 41 percent said it was human activity, while 44 percent said it was long-term planetary trends. Seven percent said it was “some other reason,” and nine percent said they were not sure.

This is a significant shift from a poll conducted last April in which 47 percent said human activity caused global warming and only 34 percent said long term planetary trends caused it.  

And the poll breaks it down by Party affiliation, with, yup! way more Democrats drinking the kool aid (but never actually doing anything themselves to reduce their carbon footprint) then Republicans.

Consensus denial by Believers in 3….2….1….

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7 Responses to “AGW Today: Believers Losing Faith”

  1. manbearpig says:

    That poll can’t be right. Don’t you remember, Al Gore has proclaimed any discussion/debate on the topic as “over”.

  2. Reasic says:

    As we here in Central North Carolina witness first hand global warming cooling in the form of a nice snow storm (yeah, weather. And weather creates climate), more and more people are having issues with AGW

    I’m at a loss for how I can’t get this across to you. Yes, weather occurs on a smaller timescale, and climate is technically an “averaged weather”, but stating that one snow storm, a really cold day, or even a particularly cold week, month, or year is proof of cooling is ludicrous. Now, I’m sure you’ll complain that SOME people have claimed hot days are evidence of global warming, but I didn’t, and I agree that any such claims are just as ridiculous. YOU are making these absurd claims, not me.

    You claim that Democrats “drink the kool-aid”, and yet you can’t explain your own position in a scientific manner. It would seem to me that the kool-aid drinker is the one who has arrived at his position on an issue without giving serious consideration to both sides, which could result in an unwillingness to engage in a scientific debate.

    So, here you are again, making the same arguments and putting your lack of understanding on full display for everyone, without yet even beginning to approach the rebuttals I have provided you on the Sun and water vapor.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Holocaust DENIED
    9/11 DENIED
    Obama’s birth certificate DENIED
    Climate Change DENIED

  4. Reasic says:

    What is that supposed to mean, John?

  5. I’m kinda lost on what the hell he is talking about, too.

  6. Chief RZ says:

    Haven’t you heard? It is now “climate change”. That way they are covered when the sunspots heat up the Earth or not.

  7. Reasic says:


    Are you sure you want to go there? 😛

    I currently have an open question about the Sun for any skeptic who’d like to take it on. So far, no one has explained this for me. If the Sun is primarily responsible for recent warming, why was the stratosphere cooling? My research has shown me that if the Sun were primarily responsible for warming, we’d see uniform warming throughout the atmosphere, but instead, we’ve had warming in the lower troposphere and cooling in the stratosphere. This is a clear signal that it is an increase in the greenhouse effect that is causing warming.

    Also, there has lately been a change to “climate change”, and I’ll explain why. “Global warming” does not fully explain what we are dealing with. Because of this name, there are many people who erroneously think the concern is simply that the planet is heating up, so it’ll just be hotter. That’s not at all what the concern is, though. Sure, the average temperature is increasing, but the concern is about the actual changes to our climate that would result, such as drought, famine, rising sea levels, etc. Nice try, though.

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