Surrender Monkey Friday: How Will Barry Govern?

The Surrender Monkey was laughing too hard after reading the headline at cBS News (story by Politico) to provide commentary, but his calm cousin, Staring Monkey, who does a great job at looking incredulous, is filling in, and just cannot believe the headline or the story. The full headline?

The Great Unknown: How Will Obama Govern?
As Nation’s Crises Pile High, New President’s Political Identity A Virtual Blank Slate

Huh what? NOW THEY ASK? After his short time in the Senate, and a promise not to run for president till he finished his first term, Obama ran, and ran for around two years. The guy has virtually no experience actually being the guy making decisions. He said he was qualified to be president because of his campaign to be president. And the Credentialed Media did little to find out about him. Remember, Saturday Night Live made fun of the media multiple times for their softer then softball questions, and it never got better.

We know a lot more about Barack Obama than we did on Election Day. He wastes little time making big decisions. He was serious about surrounding himself with seasoned people, even if they are outsized personalities likely to jostle one another and unlikely to salute on command. He intends to move quickly to put his personal stamp on government and national life.

Yet much about how the 44th president will govern remains a mystery – perhaps even to Obama himself.

His big decisions are things he has thought about for quite some time, like his decision to make protecting jihadis one of his first in office. And to continue that line, Obama has mostly avoided making the big decisions in the past, having voted present or skipping most of the tough votes…..well, you know all this. Amazingly, the media apparently doesn’t.

The stirring rhetoric witnessed on the campaign trail and in Tuesday’s inaugural address is laced with spacious language – flexible enough to support conflicting conclusions about what he really believes.

Only decisions, not words, can clarify what Obama stands for. Those are coming soon enough.

And then all the middle ground people who voted for Obama will realized they got snookered by a slick taliing snake oil salesman and a compliant media.

More: Apparently, we know that Barry will continue to avoid answering actual questions, instead getting annoyed by the tough ones. At least that means his Buttercup status hasn’t changed.

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