Surrender Monkey Friday: Oh, Those Peaceful Liberals

One just has to love those peaceful, peace loving liberals. Usually, they are what are referred to as “stationary targets.” But, not in the Home of Liberalism/Progressivism. They are also what are commonly referred to as “criminals,” or, in their vernacular, “candidates for rehabilitation”

It’s been more than three monthsand the rainy season has begun, but the memorial to Caprisha Green remains, ringing a tree near her home with photos, cards, candles, flowers and liquor bottles. A neighbor tends to it, tidying a monument to one of San Francisco’s messiest problems.

A bubbly 19-year-old with a 1-year-old daughter, Green became the 77th homicide victim in San Francisco in 2008 when she was hit by a stray bullet during a gunfight Sept. 13 in her Potrero Terrace housing project. The city ended the year with 98 homicides – the same total as 2007, which was the most since 1995.

Have you ever noticed that it tends to be heavily liberal areas that have the worst crime statistics, including murder rates? And Mayor Gavin Newsome has done a great job

The killings have put pressure on leaders including Mayor Gavin Newsom, who said in 2004 that critics should try to recall him if an upswing of homicides continued. The number of slayings in the city that year was 88, up from 69 the year before.

And they have been high, at least for San Francisco, ever since. Of course, we aren’t talking Detroit here, but, for a city that is anti-military and “pro-peace,” they sure have a lot of crime. In 2007

  • murder and non-negligent manslaughter-100
  • 125 rapes
  • 3,771 robberies
  • 2,418 agravated assaults
  • 5,079 burglaries
  • 23,474 larcenies
  • 5,903 motor vehicle thefts
  • 232 arsons

Now, all this couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that San Francisco is a sanctuary city and heavily anti-gun, could it? I think the phrase we are looking for is “easy pickings.” Oh, and let’s not forget all the drugs that get involved in such a liberal city. And that so many of not only the criminals, but the victims, are Hispanic.

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2 Responses to “Surrender Monkey Friday: Oh, Those Peaceful Liberals”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach have you ever noticed that amongst states it is always the RED states that have the highest crime rates ?
    And why are there so many criminals in the southern part of the country ? is it the sun that does it ?

  2. meatbrain says:

    “Have you ever noticed that it tends to be heavily liberal areas that have the worst crime statistics, including murder rates?”

    Have you ever noticed that Porter Good has a bad habit of making idiotic claims for which he fails to provide the slightest factual evidence? It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s an ignorant, blathering wingnut, could it?

    Show us the actual data that supports your claim, Porter. Or slink off and post another fact-free screed. We both know you’re really only capable of the latter.

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