Candygram For Hamas. Thank Y….Boom!

Justice one 500 pound bomb at a time

Israel on Thursday killed a senior Hamas political leader in an air strike in the Gaza Strip, the first such attack in its six-day-old offensive.

The air strike killed Nizar Rayyan along with nine other people, including his wife and three children, Hamas said. Another 25 people were wounded. Security sources told Ynet that the house was also used as an arms cache, a communications headquarters and concealed a tunnel’s opening.

Israeli military sources confirmed that Rayyan, who was considered the Hamas leadership’s liaison with the group’s military wing, was killed in an attack on his north Gaza home.

Prior to striking Rayyan’s house the IDF tried to warn his family about the imminent attack and urged them to evacuate the place, but they refused to do so. 

So, let’s see, if we put it in Liberal terms, those evil bastich Jewwwwws warned are so mean that they actually warned their intended targets, probably just to scare them.

I wonder if Rayyan has considered that his 72 virgins (4:30 in) might not all be female?

For more 500 pound goodness, check out Israel Matzav for a mosque-used-as-weapons-supply being taken out.

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