AGW Today: It’s A New Year, Dudes and Dudettes!

And you know what the United friggin’ Nations is doing to mark 2009?

In his New Year’s message to Koreans, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged the Korean government to take a more active role in global efforts to tackle climate change. Ban stressed that this is the UN Year of Climate Change, urging Seoul to live up to its growing status in the international community.

“Climate change, which is threatening the future of all mankind and the entire globe, is an urgent task that all members of the international community, regardless of ethnicity or national boundaries, must tackle altogether,” the former Korean foreign minister said in the message.

“So I designated 2009 as the UN Year of Climate Change and expect the Korean government and the international community to participate more actively and offer support for the UN’s efforts to tackle the problem.”

I’ll wait till you come back from losing what is left of the food and alchohol you drank last night……..better? Just dry heaves at this time? Good. AGW is a great purgative, eh? Go drink a V8. Hold your nose. Seriously, it works great.

Now, doesn’t that news from Ban Ki-moonbat make you feel better about where your tax dollars go? Especially since

It is unfortunate that environmental fears and political posturing have lead to the so-called scientific consensus that man is the cause of global warming. The real cause of global warming and cooling is due to the periodic variation of the sun’s radiation. Our leaders are planning to spend billions of dollars in a futile effort to control global warming. Obviously, we cannot control the sun. Consensus is not science and the politics of the environment has not dealt objectively with all of the available research.

And, would you like 7 ways of changing your lifestyle to prevent climate change? To be honest, they are actually good ideas (except the last one) for helping the environment, and are nothing new. Heck, the Live Earth bookhas great ideas (yes, I read it all. Was great, except for the AGW crappola), mostly old ones, for helping the environment, which have been “updated” for climate change. But, you know the climahysterics won’t do any themselves. It is “The Government” and everyone else which needs to change.

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3 Responses to “AGW Today: It’s A New Year, Dudes and Dudettes!”

  1. Aside from some political motivation and the obvious profit motive for those pursuing ‘green’ revenue I am at a loss for a single overriding incentive that drives the number of people out there embracing AGW.

    But then I take solice in the fact that many people don’t vote, ignore critical issues and in the rare instance they vacate the family couch it is only to answer the door when the pizza guy arrives.

    If AGW requires the group above to alter their couch potato mentality, the morons promoting pseudo-science will lose.

  2. I’ve been following the AGW issue for about 15 years, and have gone through different phases in belief on it, but, I came to the conclusion that it serves many purposes for the Left, and, for the average lefty, it is an issue that allows them to talk about “doing something” without any of them actually having to get involved or spend money.

  3. John Ryan says:

    I guess Bush and mcCain are now part of the “left” Teach do you believe that 2009 will be warmer than average or do you believe that the much promised “global cooling” will finally arrive and we will have colder than normal temps ? With normal being less than historically recorded, or to make it easier for you colder than average during your own lifetime

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