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New Plugin Time – TTC Security Tool Plus Many Others

Yes, new plugins, yea, yea! The first one is TTC WordPress Security Tool. This one “blocks cross-site script attempts, ip numbers of ill behaved people and bots and bans bad user agents.” You can also manually blacklist IP address. I installed this because neither Akismet nor Bad Behavior can really manually block. Spam Karma 2 […]

Obama Treats Women On Staff Unfairly

It’s all about the hope and change, ya know. CNS News – Obama’s for Equal Pay, Yet Pays Female Staffers Less Than Males While Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has vowed to make pay equity for women a top priority if elected president, an analysis of his Senate staff shows that women are outnumbered and […]

Paul Krugman Exposes What Democrats Cheer For

You have to go all the way down to the end of the article, but, he finally exposes the reality of the Democrats. NY Times – The Obama Agenda One thing is clear: for Democrats, winning this election should be the easy part. Everything is going their way: sky-high gas prices, a weak economy and […]

Aside: Blogger Shuts Down Pro-Hillary Sites

Why are pro-Hillary/anti-Obama sites run by folks on the left being shut down? Read about it at Bloggasm.

Good News! Grey Lady Exposes Yet Another Secret Operation

Good thing the Islamic Jihadis do not use the Internet or anything, eh? NY Times – Amid Policy Disputes, Qaeda Grows in Pakistan Late last year, top Bush administration officials decided to take a step they had long resisted. They drafted a secret plan to make it easer for the Pentagon’s Special Operations forces to […]

Global Warming Today: Coffee, Floods, And Ice Cap

One of the bright sides of the anthropogenic global warming hysteria is the amusing stories that they just keep coming up with. To start out, from Newsweek, Global Warming Is a Cause of This Year’s Extreme Weather The frequency of downpours and heat waves, as well as the power of hurricanes, has increased so dramatically that […]

San Fran Loves Those Illegal Alien Crack Dealers

What’s even more amazing is that the San Francisco Chronicle actually covered the story, rather then covering for the city – Feds probe S.F.’s migrant-offender shield (h/t Cassy Fiano and Michelle Malkin) San Francisco juvenile probation officials – citing the city’s immigrant sanctuary status – are protecting Honduran youths caught dealing crack cocaine from possible federal […]

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