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What Do You Want Me To Do With This?

The Obamissiah goofed, and forgot to purchase mybarackobama.us. So, what do you want me to do with it? I can make a goof blog, which looks similar to his mybarackobama.com site. That takes time, though. I can offer to sell it to him. I want some cash in hand though, baby! I can make a […]

Obama’s Birth Certificate?

So, good old Markos says he has a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. OK, great. But, call me skeptical. First, where did he get it? According to the Hawaii Department of Health, he does not qualify to get a copy. Did he get it somewhere else? Did the Obama camp give it to him? […]

Smoke Gets In Your Eye-View From The Porch

We had some ugly clouds and t-storms around the Raleigh area yesterday, and, unusually, the winds were moving east to west. For those unfamiliar, that weather pattern is usually only around bodies of water, due to land vs water temps most often. It started smelling smokey. Couldn’t figure out why. Same thing this AM. Then […]

Wait, Al Qaeda Was In Iraq? Who Knew?

Holy Hijinks, Batman! Guardian – Experts fear new front with al-Qaida as terror group switches focus from Iraq Last month an Arabic satellite TV channel broadcast a chilling video of a group of Iraqi teenagers called the “Youths of Heaven” – their faces masked and brandishing Kalashnikov rifles, chanting “Allahu Akbar” and vowing to blow […]

Manufactured Liberal Outrage: Obama’s Baby Mama

Today’s liberal freakout: Salon: Fox News calls Michelle Obama “Obama’s baby mama” An alert reader wrote in just a little while ago to let us know about something he’d spotted on Fox News Wednesday afternoon. During a segment discussing conservative attacks against Michelle Obama, the wife of presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama, the network described […]

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