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Average Obama Crowd

Hmm, I think I found the average Obama crowd for Brian C. at snapped shot PS: that background photo comes from a protest where a soldier was burned in effigy. In Portland.

It’s The Mystery Of The D.C. Burglaries

Via snapped shot: Mystery: Wave of Burglaries in D.C. Metro Area See if you can figure out what the cause of this crime spree is, without clicking on this link first. Well, my guess was the reduction of gun ownership by responsible, legitimate, law abiding citizens, but, nope! WASHINGTON – A wave of burglaries is […]

It’s Not A Mouse, It’s The Floor!

Hold your lunch! Dirty Dining: Local 10 Makes Startling Discovery At Hialeah Restaurant Local 10 Problem Solvers made a startling discovery in a Hialeah restaurant — dead mice appear to have been painted over instead of being removed. Those who work at La Reina, located at 3828 W. 16th Ave. in Hialeah, claim there is […]

Michelle Obama Looks To Fake Herself

And it is all about how evil the conservatives are for calling her out: NY Times – Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction Michelle Obama’s eyes flicker tentatively even as she offers a trained smile. As her campaign plane arcs over the Flathead Range in Montana, she is asked to consider her complicated public […]

That AP Pay For Play? It’s A Howie Dean/George Bush Conspiracy

By now, most know about the AP’s new project to charge bloggers and other linkers $12.50 to $100 for excerpts, based on number of words. Now, everyone thinks that the AP is shooting itself in the foot. I disagree. Why? Because, in fact, this whole kerfuffle is actually a conspiracy between Dubya and Howie “Scream” […]

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