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NY Times: Hey, Let’s Ditch That Free Speech Crap!

No, seriously (via Little Green Footballs) Unlike Others, U.S. Defends Freedom to Offend in Speech In the United States, that debate has been settled. Under the First Amendment, newspapers and magazines can say what they like about minority groups and religions — even false, provocative or hateful things — without legal consequence. Well, unless they […]

Koz Kid Unintentional Irony In Liberal Media Witch Hunt

Irony 5. an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected. Engage warp drive! Major newspaper goes on witch-hunt for “liberal bias” by attytood First, attytood has a brief blurb on “witch hunt,” then Liberals in the newsroom — a.k.a. your so-called “liberal media.” It’s happening at one of the largest […]

AGW Today: It’s Liberals Fault

Hmmm, I wonder which political persuasion tends to live in urban areas? (Science Daily) The Nature Conservancy and Harvard University released a new study examining the effect of staggering urban growth on nature and people that finds if we don’t improve urban planning now, we may lose some animals, plants and natural resources for good. […]

Wait, I Thought Religion In Government/Politics Was Bad?

Isn’t that what those on the Left keep saying? Haven’t they disparaged and smeared George W. Bush for most of his 2 terms, as well as Republicans overall for even longer, over their links to religion and religious leaders? Obama was reported to be planning meetings with religious leaders Tuesday afternoon A spokesperson said the […]

Voters Say Drill

A National Review piece printed at CBS News by Larry Kudlow The recent spike in oil prices and unemployment is dramatically changing this presidential campaign – virtually overnight. The near $20 jump in oil to $140 a barrel, the unexpected half-point increase in the jobless rate to 5.5 percent (the biggest monthly increase in 20 […]

More From Those Great Illegals!

In Wisconsin An 18-year-old illegal immigrant convicted of two sexual assaults was sentenced this morning to eight years in prison. Martin L. Gamez, a Mexican citizen who had been living at 1212 Erie Ave., sexually assaulted an 8-year-old girl last year and forced a teenage girl to perform a sex act on him the year […]

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