Daily Archives: June 25, 2008

Pelosi Loves Da Fairness Doctrine!

John Gizza over at Human Events has the disturbing story The speaker of the House made it clear to me and more than forty of my colleagues yesterday that a bill by Rep. Mike Pence (R.-Ind.) to outlaw the “Fairness Doctrine” (which a liberal administration could use to silence Rush Limbaugh, other radio talk show […]

If People Aren’t Buying The Message, Change How It Is Delivered

Perhaps the people just do not believe in the message to start with?  The government needs to drop “gloomy, miserable and bleak” messages in climate change ads and focus on more positive emotional messages to get the public to change their habits, according to a new report. On one hand, the report is correct. Who […]

Iraqi Police Still Standing Up

I’m sure glad the Credentialed Media tell us stuff like this – Iraqi Police Lead the Way in Fallujah’s Khadairy District The Joint Security Station (JSS) in the Khadairy District of Fallujah is now home solely to Iraqi Police, as Company K, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 1, detached from the station […]

BHO Inadvertently Highlights His Neophyte Status

He also shows that he believes in the Nanny State as the be all end all of existence. For a speech he is to give in Las Vegas on energy For decades, John McCain has been a part of this failure in Washington. Yes, he has gone further than some in his party in speaking […]

Illinois Sues Countrywide; Where Was Obama?

CBS News The nation’s biggest mortgage lender engaged in “unfair and deceptive” practices to get homeowners to apply for risky mortgages far beyond their means, according to a civil lawsuit Illinois’ attorney general planned to file Wednesday. And that is certainly their right, I have no problem with a State engaging in their 10th Amendment […]

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