If People Aren’t Buying The Message, Change How It Is Delivered

Perhaps the people just do not believe in the message to start with?

 The government needs to drop “gloomy, miserable and bleak” messages in climate change ads and focus on more positive emotional messages to get the public to change their habits, according to a new report.

On one hand, the report is correct. Who the hell wants to pay attention to the gloom and doom ads? Easier to change the channel and see something fun and positive. On the other hand, perhaps it is not the delivery, but the message itself. The more people actually know about climate change, the more they believe that AGW is a load of mule fritters.

“The report shows it is not enough to simply make people aware of climate change issues,” said Jonathan Kestenbaum, the chief executive of Nesta.

“To have a mass impact, campaigns must engage people in a compelling way and persuade them to change their behaviour,” Kestenbaum added.

Again, true. Too many of the climate change nutters push “awareness.” Usually to make people aware of carbon offset companies that they make money off of.

But, if they want to have a real impact, they should do two things

  1. stop integrating all the real environmental issues in to the AGW silliness. Let them stand on their own. For instance, recycling. You shouldn’t do it for AGW, but, because it is a wise idea to recycle.
  2. the leaders in the AGW movement should live the lives they espouse for everyone else. Same goes for all the disciples who have bought in to the AGW scam. If you aren’t willing to change your lifestyle, particularly because it would be “inconvenient,” why in the hell should anyone else?

They won’t follow either, though. And, most people are smart enough to realize that it is a scam when the people who push it don’t walk the walk.

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2 Responses to “If People Aren’t Buying The Message, Change How It Is Delivered”

  1. Stacy says:

    I’ve been hanging out in the nether regions of the ‘sphere and there are plenty of people who believe it’s a scam. It’s really hard to believe Al Bore’s message when he just keeps consuming more energy in his own personal residence.

    I recommend reading anything you can find by Joe Bastardi. He’s a meteorologist who is maddened by the GW hype.

  2. I’ve read some of that. Another great one is Climate Confusion by Roy Spencer, how John will call an extremist, simply for taking an opposing view.

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