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Aside: Mass Democrat Will Destroy Child Rape Victims

Stop The ACLU has the story that will blow your mind with rage. A Mass. Democrat says he would destroy child rape victims in court.

Senator Ethanol Decries McCain On Nuke Plants

Dan Collins at protein wisdom calls it Obama announces plans for gravity dams, perpetual motion machines, cold fusion. It’s kinda hard to beat that, unless one includes cars powered by fairy dust and the lights in their rumps LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday criticized his rival John McCain‘s proposal […]

NY Times Release OF CIA Interrogators Name Bush’s Fault

In the Wonderfully Wacky World of the Democratic Underground, sanity is profoundly lacking. You remember the story from Sunday, when the NY Times released the name of one of the CIA’s interrogators, a man who interrogated Abu Zubaydah, bin al-Shibh, al-Nashiri and KSM. Guess what? Did the NYT Just Out Another CIA Agent to Help […]

Global Warming Today: $600 Million, Lightbulbs, And Wildfires

Back to San Fran Republicans and Democrats alike are working to preserve our state’s rich environmental heritage so future generations will be able to enjoy our parks, rivers, forests, beaches, habitats and open spaces, though we often differ in how we approach our shared goal. But protecting the environment should not give state bureaucrats free […]

I Thought The Left Loved Direct Democracy?

But, alas, like everything else, they only like it when it benefits them Four organizations “dedicated to protecting the civil rights of gay and lesbian people” have filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent Californians from voting on an amendment to the California constitution that would define marriage as a one-man, one-woman union. The suit, which […]

San Fran To Honor Dubya!

Only in San Fran. Slow news day. SFGate: Satire at the ballot box to ‘honor’ Bush If you’ve attended an event or festival in San Francisco lately – or even just hung out at a city park – you’ve probably seen them. Admittedly, they’re hard to miss. Someone in the group is usually toting a […]

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