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Obama’s Newest Presidential Seal

Matt at Blogs For Victory wanted some photoshops, but, why bother when I have the real thing? Man, that really is a joke that is just not going to end anytime soon!

Lou Dobbs Joins The Moonbat Patrol

Must be something in the water over there at CNN. I will make sure to bring bottled if I ever visit there again Captain Ed You have to love Dobbs’ progressively rising voice and his teeth-clenching at the end. You have to love it to watch Dobbs, because he does it every day now. He’s […]

Global Warming Today: Gore’s Tre’ Cool Carbon Burning House

Ladies and gentleman, give a big hand to Mr. Hypocrite, Al Gore! Randy Hall, CNS News – Gore’s Mansion Uses More Energy After ‘Going Green’ In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy efficient, the power use at the former vice president’s house has increased more than 10 percent, […]

Good News! Mexican Smugglers Make US Lands Unsafe!

Isn’t this wonderful? (CNSNews.com) – Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne has said that drug traffickers sneaking into the United States from Mexico through U.S. lands administered by his department have made some of those lands unsafe for American families. As reported by Cybercast News Service last month, the State Department similarly issued a largely unpublicized travel […]

Pirate Weekend Linfest Sticky 6/20-6/22

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Surrender Monkey Friday: Viva La Wiretapping!

Surrendie trots out and older banner of his, to celebrate exactly what the Democrats in Congress to done to their unhinged minions. Washington Post – Congress Strikes Deal to Overhaul Wiretap Law After months of wrangling, Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress struck a deal on Thursday to overhaul the rules on the government’s wiretapping […]

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