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The Obama Seal Has Been Clubbed!!!!!!

Nooooooo! How could they do this? It was the gift that just kept giving!!!!!! (via Sister Toldjah) Apparently, after major, major, I am talking major snark and snickering, The Missiah has decided to do away with his arrogant, “laughable, ridiculous, preposterous and revealing” pseudo-presidential seal. But, on the bright side, he will surely come up […]

If You Go To A Racist Church, How Can You Be President?

How can you? Check out my latest post over at McCain Blogs on the subject.

James Hansen Enters Lawsuit Land

James Hansen, the head of Nasa’s Goddard Institute, has apparently delved into Fairy Land James Hansen, one of the world’s leading climate scientists, will today call for the chief executives of large fossil fuel companies to be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature, accusing them of actively spreading doubt about global […]

High Court OK’s That Evil BushCo Border Fence

Let me aks you: do you think this came from the DU, Think Progress, ACLU, MoveOn, Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, Firedoglake, Democrats.org, or some other liberal outlet? The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a plea by environmental groups to rein in the Bush administration’s power to waive laws and regulations to speed construction of […]

DU Comment Of The Day: Let’s Torture The Repukes!

Sometimes I find huge threads of the unhinged, sometimes all it takes is just one comment. mmonk asks: If we win the Presidency and Congress, which parts of the constitution will remain and which parts will remain removed? For the articles and amendments still removed, will you still fight to restore them or just declare […]

Pa. Enjoying The Illegal’s And Their Drugs

But, hey, they are just trying to obtain a better life! Center Daily Times – Illegal immigration, drug trafficking on rise along I-80  Motorists traveling Interstate 80 would likely be stunned if they knew how much criminal activity was riding along the highway with them. Illegal immigrants and drug runners with fistfuls of cash and […]

Global Warming Today: CO2 Increase In Europe, Decrease In America

So, how’s it going with those wonderful Kyoto signing countries in Europe? Apparently, there is a huge boom in low cost air travel in Europe, which leads to an interesting issue At a time when airlines are already the fastest growing source of climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions — increasing nearly 5 percent a year according […]

Obama Linked To Big Ethanol, Just Changiness

Interestingly, as Senator Neophyte demonizes the American oil companies, he is linked himself to the American ethanol industry, which even the United Nations says is one the reasons for higher prices of food stuff around the world. Obama doesn’t like oil, because of the evil CO2 that it produces (funny how he never talks about […]

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