Daily Archives: June 16, 2008

BBL – All Day Meeting

Well, not really all day, but, have to drive down to Charlotte, left at 6am. Conference till 230. Maybe golf before coming back. Long day.

One Comes In XXX Large, The Other With A Man Bag

Via Sister Toldjah, the humor story of the week The presidential race is in full swing — but not the way you might think. A young New York City entrepreneur has decided to “have fun” with the campaign by marketing condoms featuring images of Barack Obama and John McCain. Benjamin Sherman, who created the company […]

Climate Change Protesters Create Environmental Pollution

I guess they were just trying to raise awareness Climate change campaigners halted a coal train yesterday outside Drax, Britain’s biggest power station, and shovelled its contents on to the only line into the plant. More than 20 tonnes of coal blocked the tracks as protesters strung ropes between the train and the girders of […]

Leave The Pie On The Counter

Victor David Hansen creates a bit of a firestorm at CBS, where one of his articles, Please, No More Pie-In-The-Sky Sermons, is cross posted. He starts of discussing the difference between more rural, down to Earth, middle of the road Americans and the elitist San Francisco folks regarding gas prices. After listening to these quite […]

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