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More Truth At Obama’s Pad

Via Little Green Footballs, the Twoofers are still showing up at My Barack Obama: Mr. Obama – please don’t continue Bush’s excuse of 9/11…  Dear Mr. Obama,    6 years later, we still have not had an investigation into WHO perpetrated 9/11.  Since 6 of the 19 so-called hijackers are still alive, it would seem […]

Missiah And The Hills Share Kiss + Photoshop Fun!

Aw, isn’t this cute? Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton plan to appear together Friday at a rally in Unity, New Hampshire, a town where they tied in the January primary. The former rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination left Washington together Friday morning for the flight to New Hampshire. They shared a polite kiss […]

Pirate Weekend Linkfest Sticky 6/27-6/29

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Surrender Monkey Friday: The Neurosis Of The NY Times

  Surrendie is thrilled today of the neurotic Sybil like articles available in the NY Times. First, he wants you to read this The individual right to bear arms identified by the Supreme Court on Thursday will have little practical impact in most of the country, legal experts said, though Washington’s comprehensive ban on handguns […]

Stop Being So Negative Regarding The War On Terrorism

Sound advice from the Times Online: Cheer up. We’re winning this War on Terror Al-Qaeda and the Taleban are in retreat, the surge has worked in Iraq and Islamism is discredited. Not a bad haul. “My centre is giving way. My right is in retreat. Situation excellent. I shall attack!” If only our political leaders […]

NY Times Loves Dat DDT!

I wonder how much the Grey Lady is paying in alimony after the divorce from reality? DDT On Ice It has been getting ever harder to pretend that Antarctica is a pristine place. We like to think of it as being scoured clean by hostile winds and extreme cold. But more and more, Antarctica, like […]

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