Stop Being So Negative Regarding The War On Terrorism

Sound advice from the Times Online: Cheer up. We’re winning this War on Terror

Al-Qaeda and the Taleban are in retreat, the surge has worked in Iraq and Islamism is discredited. Not a bad haul.

“My centre is giving way. My right is in retreat. Situation excellent. I shall attack!”

If only our political leaders and opinion-formers displayed even a hint of the defiant resilience that carried Marshal Foch to victory at the Battle of the Marne. But these days timorous defeatism is on the march. In Britain setbacks in the Afghan war are greeted as harbingers of inevitable defeat. In America, large swaths of the political class continues to insist Iraq is a lost cause. The consensus in much of the West is that the War on Terror is unwinnable.

And yet the evidence is now overwhelming that on all fronts, despite inevitable losses from time to time, it is we who are advancing and the enemy who is in retreat. The current mood on both sides of the Atlantic, in fact, represents a kind of curious inversion of the great French soldier’s dictum: “Success against the Taleban. Enemy giving way in Iraq. Al-Qaeda on the run. Situation dire. Let’s retreat!”

The writer, Gerard Baker, is kinda missing the point, though. Those on the Left feed on the doom and gloom like some sort of psychic vampire from a B horror movie, which is shown by many of the freakout comments left with the article.

 The “surge”, despite all the doubts and derision at the time, has been a triumph of US military planning and execution. Political progress was slower in coming but is now evident too. The Iraqi leadership has shown great courage and dispatch in extirpating extremists and a growing willingness even to turn on Shia militias. Basra is more peaceful and safer than it has been since before the British moved in. Despite setbacks such as yesterday’s bombings, the streets of Iraq’s cities are calmer and safer than they have been in years. Seventy companies have bid for oil contracts from the Iraqi Government. There are signs of a real political reconciliation that may reach fruition in the election later this year.

Hmmmm. Which candidate was pushing for The Surge well before it was announced, and which one prefers to retreat in the face of advancements?:-?

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3 Responses to “Stop Being So Negative Regarding The War On Terrorism”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Which candidate is ahead in the polls and which one is losing ?

  2. John Kerry. And we remember how that turned out. 😉

  3. forest hunter says:

    Ever work in a magic show John?

    WTF is it that polls have to do with the reality of actualities and this post?

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