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Obama’s Community Is Fun!

For Socialists Thought for Today By Will – Jun 9th, 2008 at 1:34 pm EDT “Our most urgent cause is to either educate Rich people to share the wealth or trickle up th pain and force them.”  

Obama Loves Rednecks And Murderous Jews

To go along with all the posts that Charles at Little Green Footballs is finding, such as in this post, here’s a few goodies (with many more to come, surely) Very presidential Very presidential (click for full size) But: Content on blogs in My.BarackObama represents the opinions of community members and in no way should be interpreted […]

Bush Lied?

Er, not so fast. Fred Hyatt at the Washington Postwas, amazingly, allowed to publish this editorial (sorry for the massive excerpts. I usually do not like to do it this much) Search the Internet for “Bush Lied” products, and you will find sites that offer more than a thousand designs. The basic “Bush Lied, People […]

More Locals Take On Illegal Immigration

A surprisingly balanced article from the NY Times, at least by their usual standards. They did not show their pro-illegal sympathy too much, nor delve too much into the plight of all the “immigrants,” if you get my meaning Three months after the local police inspected more than a dozen businesses searching for illegal immigrants […]

President Bush: Get Drilling!

CNS News “The United States has an opportunity to help increase the supply of oil on the market,” thereby easing gasoline prices for hard-working Americans,” President Bush said on Monday. He reminded Congress that he has proposed opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Continental Shelf to domestic oil drilling — something that would […]

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