President Bush: Get Drilling!

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“The United States has an opportunity to help increase the supply of oil on the market,” thereby easing gasoline prices for hard-working Americans,” President Bush said on Monday.

He reminded Congress that he has proposed opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Continental Shelf to domestic oil drilling — something that would “help us through this difficult period.”

Citing concerns about the environment, the Democrat-led Congress has so far refused to go along with domestic oil drilling.

Let’s rewrite that

Citing massive hissy fits from environmentalists who donate massively to Democrats, the Democrat-led Congress has so far refused to help the American People by allowing drilling, building of new nuclear plants and refineries, and anything else that could help ease gas prices.

That’s better. As gas is crossing the $4 mark, we are still awaiting the plan from Nancy Pelosi and The Donkeys. You know, the one they promised when campaigning for the 2006 elections, which, like virtually everything else, they have either ignored or done nothing about. Heck, even the Left is upset with Nancy P. et all for doing nothing, particularly impeachment. How much has it gone up?

“As a result of this dubious milestone, motorists will pay on average $1.67 more per gallon than they were when the 110th Congress began. This represents a 71 percent increase during Nancy Pelosi’s speakership,” said Rep. Adam Putnam (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Republican Conference.

The price of gas was $1.52 on average in January 2001. In January 2006, it was around $2.33. In January 2007, it was around $2.33. That’s an 81 cent rise. Over 6 years. With gas prices being pretty stagnent for almost a year. And as soon as the Democrats took over, gas prices surged $1.67 in a year and a few months.

Sure, you cannot blame it all on them. Things are happening. The demand for oil, particularly from China and India, continues to surge. Democrats are not fully responsible for the fear and, yes, greed, in the markets who are trading. But, it is the Democrats who have blocked all meaningful attempts to reduce our 60% reliance on foreign oil since the 70’s.

Democrats call Republicans beholden to big business. Well, at least big business helps the American People the majority of the time. Democrats are beholden to special interests who couldn’t give a damn about the American People, just their own narrow viewpoints. And Democrats want to apparently continue the harm to the American People, simply to continue raking in the special interests money.

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement after AAA reported that the price of gasoline reached $4 per gallon for the first time in history:

“Today marks another dubious day for this Do-Nothing Democratic Congress. On their watch, gas prices have soared to new heights, and by refusing to schedule a vote on a plan to increase American-made energy to help lower gas prices, congressional Democrats are complicit in this unprecedented surge in fuel costs. In the face of $4 per gallon gasoline, it is inexcusable that Democrats in charge of Congress will not take meaningful action to help reduce the pain at the pump on behalf of all consumers – and in the interest of our entire economy.

“House Republicans have put forth a comprehensive plan to help lower gas prices by harnessing new technologies and unlocking America’s natural energy resources in an environmentally-responsible way. Every American has a right to ask: What will it take for the Democrat-controlled Congress to finally take action and help ease the pain of the Pelosi Premium on behalf of struggling families and small businesses? Speaker Pelosi has the power to schedule a vote on our plan to begin breaking America’s costly dependence on foreign sources of energy. She should not wait another day to do so.”

Nancy will never allow it to see the light of day. Democrats are all talk, no action.

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3 Responses to “President Bush: Get Drilling!”

  1. manbearpig says:

    Democrats are beholden to special interests who couldn’t give a damn about the American People, just their own narrow viewpoints.

    Oh c’mon now. The leftist environmentalists care about people. They want everyone to be able to go to Alaska and see the caribou migrating over the 200 acres where we could be drilling for oil (or the polar bears).

  2. I wish they would all go and see the polar bears 😉

  3. forest hunter says:

    I have worked in many places around the world more than five years in AK. I have seen the Caribou and listened to the Eskimo describe them in more than a general way.

    Until I saw w/my own eyes and heard w/my own ears the inane babbling from the me me mine mine gimme gimme aka dhimmirats aka *progressive* loser liberals, reasoning skills and grasp of reality, I thought the Caribou was hands down the dumbest creature I’d EVER come across!

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