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John McCain TV – Purpose

Yet another in a long line of McCain video’s which show leadership, rather the kindergarden hope and and change.

San Fran Uses Back Door To Kill Jr. ROTC At Schools

So much for “we support the troops, but not the mission.” It has been documented time and time again the revulsion, distaste, and loathing that so many of the ultra-left has for the military in San Francisco. Trying to kill Fleet Week, the disgusting treatment of military members during and since Vietnam,├é┬árejecting military ships as […]

This Should Be Fun – NRA Sues San Fran Over Gun Laws

I wonder if this will provide some good comic relief for a couple weeks? SFGate – NRA sues S.F. over guns in public housing A day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Americans have a constitutional right to possess guns for self-defense, the National Rifle Association sued San Francisco and its Housing Authority for […]

Howard Kurtz Asks About Obama’s 180 Degree Positions

Is this allowed? Is he allowed to talk about this stuff? Washington Post – Pretzel Logic Barack Obama is under hostile fire for changing his position on the D.C. gun ban. Oh, I’m sorry. He didn’t change his position, apparently. He reworded a clumsy statement. That, at least, is what his campaign is saying. The […]

Isn’t That Hydrogen Car Great?

Like a lot of folks, I am hearing quite a bit about the new Honda hydrogen powered car, as well as many others, and it is in plenty of the news. Here’s a question, though: what is the number one greenhouse gas? Unlike what some people who should really crack a book on climate think […]

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