San Fran Uses Back Door To Kill Jr. ROTC At Schools

So much for “we support the troops, but not the mission.” It has been documented time and time again the revulsion, distaste, and loathing that so many of the ultra-left has for the military in San Francisco. Trying to kill Fleet Week, the disgusting treatment of military members during and since Vietnam, rejecting military ships as memorials,  trying to get rid of all military recruiters in all manners (too many times to pick just one), declaring itself a military free zone, and doing all they can to do away with ROTC (tons of times, too), among others. The latest in the long list of San Francisco hate comes from the school board: S.F. school board kills PE credit for JROTC

San Francisco public high schools will no longer award physical education credit to students enrolled in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, the Board of Education voted Thursday in a hastily scheduled meeting.

The 4-1 vote will likely cripple the 90-year-old military education program that serves 1,200 students because most use it to satisfy their PE requirement.

“If students really love the program, they’ll take it anyway,” said board President Mark Sanchez, who has led opposition to JROTC because of its ties to the military.

Gregory Wing, who will be a sophomore at Lowell next semester, said he loves JROTC, but the board’s vote “messes everything up for incoming freshmen and sophomores” who have no room in their schedules for the required PE and for JROTC.

“It’s completely unfair,” he said. “What am I going to do for credit?” 

The San Fran liberals do not care about fair, they do not care about “diversity,” they do not care about tolerance. They care simply about their own far left agenda, and anything that stands in their way, and that they do not like, must go. Period.

Meanwhile, JROTC supporters say they haven’t given up trying to save their program. Johnny Wang, spokesman for Choice for Students, said that by Sunday the group of parents and others who want to keep JROTC will have collected the 7,200 signatures they need to place a nonbinding measure on the November ballot intended to show support for the program.

“Eliminating PE credit is their way of neutralizing JROTC,” Wang said of the board. “But we’re in this for a bigger fight.”

But board President Sanchez said the district will eventually offer an alternative to JROTC within the ethnic studies program.

Say what? Ethnic studies? In other words, the military generically, and JROTC specifically, can go f*ck themselves in the World According To San Francisco. What a sad state city of affairs. Can’t we just sell it to Spain or something?

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2 Responses to “San Fran Uses Back Door To Kill Jr. ROTC At Schools”

  1. WilliamTell says:

    When a education board makes decisions base on their personal or political agenda whether they are pro Military or not. needs not be part of the education of our children. Just think about the young men and women who are in these classes to learn about a different way of life, to maybe get to go to other colleges through those ROTC or Military colleges. A way to progress and become better citizens through their choice of education. If these ROTC programs help any young student their choice to even serve their country or advance to other colledges,then they are a success. than what is wrong with that? But most likely, if the JrROTC program had a gay, socialist agenda and denouse the military, I am sure these young students would have gotten the credit. This is the new Democratic agenda our party is forcing us to accept. Americans Beware….

  2. I know exactly what you are saying. If ROTC had a different, left leaning agenda, it would be loved by the left. Instead, a group designed to instill discipline and adult behavior is vilified, because it has links to the military, which is evil in their eyes.

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