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The Missiah Get’s His Picture Taken

  Heal me, Missiah, heal me!

Plamegate: They Just Can’t MoveOn

Someone explain to me whey they are called Progressives? Other then thinking about how they can fuck people on their taxes in the future, they seem to be completely stuck in the past. From the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (like ANY Democrat should be in charge of something like that!), Chairman Henry Waxman […]

Who’s For Real Change?

CNS News With voters sour on the status quo, Republican John McCain plans to spend the next five months arguing that he has a history of fighting to reform government and that Democrat Barack Obama talks of change with nothing to show for it. “I have a record of doing that, not a rhetoric of […]

Global Warming, Er, Cooling, Today: May Was Cooler Then Normal

From ICECAP For more than 75% of the nation, May was cooler than normal, as much as 6F below in the far North Central. This is in sharp contrast to May 2007 which was warm in the same areas it was cold this year. May 2007 was the 11th warmest May for the US.  We […]

In Shocka!, NY Times Comes Out In Favor Of Illegals

But, hey, what’s a little bit of breaking federal law between friends? They call the story “The Great Immigration Panic,” but if you look at the explorer bar at the top, it reads “Unjust and Unethical Treatment of Illegal Immigrants in the United States” Someday, the country will recognize the true cost of its war […]

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