Isn’t That Hydrogen Car Great?

Like a lot of folks, I am hearing quite a bit about the new Honda hydrogen powered car, as well as many others, and it is in plenty of the news. Here’s a question, though: what is the number one greenhouse gas? Unlike what some people who should really crack a book on climate think feel, it is, yes, water vapor. And what do the hydrogen cars put out? That’s right, water vapor.

I’d love to hear from a climatologist how this would affect the climate. Would the water vapor dissipate quickly, or would it go up into the atmosphere and create a real man made global warming effect?

The Guardian, who I usually treat with derision, breaks down many other issues with hydrogen powered cars. They are, like corn based ethanol, a good idea that just will not work.

If we could only power auto’s and planes using the BS that comes from Democrats, we would have the perfect power source!=))

PS: Anthony Watts points to a story about Kroger (a major food store, for those unfamiliar) saying “not going to happen!” regarding a shareholder request to develop a comprehensive policy to address climate change.

Kroger is one of the two stores I hit the most, the other being Food Lion. Kroger is closest, and where I go the most. Plus, really great salad/fruit bar! Keep it up, Kroger, don’t buy in to the silliness!

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4 Responses to “Isn’t That Hydrogen Car Great?”

  1. Thomas says:

    While it’s true that water vapor does trap the most solar rays of all the atmospheric gases, the difference is that the atmosphere is already saturated with water vapor. Putting more vapor into the air won’t increase the concentration for long, because it will precipitate out as rain and condensation, so there is no harm done. The problem with carbon dioxide and other less abundant gases is that they aren’t saturated in the atmosphere, and more can still accumulate. Additionally, as they concentrate in the air, it will be able to hold more water vapor without having to precipitate. Thus, while water vapor would be doing a significant proportion of the damage, it is only able to do so because of the increased concentration of the less abundant gases, most notably though not exclusively carbon dioxide.

  2. John Ryan says:

    DAMN !!
    I missed that softball that you tossed up for us Teach.
    Teach just can’t seem to let go of this one, soon he will be posting about the upside of the polar cap melting for the first time in recorded history

  3. forest hunter says:

    There is no *harm* being done, no water vapor is causing *damage*, no matter how many times this fallacy gets repeated. Man is not the arrogant driving force the Gorcle would have the world believe.

    If man were serious about doing something towards redistributing the CO2, he’d start logging the old growth, stop letting it rot. He’d plant trees and clear away the slash, to reduce the ravaging effects due to inaccessibility to fight fire. He’d have roads in areas where he could access and actually manage forest land.

    This drop in the bucket would actually DO something positive as opposed to the monumental waste of resources associated with carbon credits!

  4. Stacy says:

    Polar ice cap melting . . . right . . . There are more reports coming out right now that we’re in a global cooling stage. You need to read more than what’s on the back of cereal boxes John.

    GM has created the Chevrolet Volt. Although technically a hybrid, it is mostly run off of electricity. I am excited about this technology and would love to be one of the ones to test it out. My concern is that where I live most of our electricity is generated by burning coal. It seems to me that that is not beneficial to the environment. Burn less gasoline, burn more coal? I would love to see a national movement towards solar energy capturing. At some point I can see the husband and I putting up solar panels to feed our home’s energy needs. All home owners should be able to do this and right off the full cost of installment on their tax returns.

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