More Truth At Obama’s Pad

Via Little Green Footballs, the Twoofers are still showing up at My Barack Obama: Mr. Obama – please don’t continue Bush’s excuse of 9/11…

 Dear Mr. Obama,
   6 years later, we still have not had an investigation into WHO perpetrated 9/11.  Since 6 of the 19 so-called hijackers are still alive, it would seem that the government’s conspiracy theory of 19 men with box cutters overpowering the world’s most sophisticated defense system to successfully attack NYC and the Pentagon, is full of holes!   And since Rumsfeld has said in public appearances that United flight 93 was “SHOT DOWN OVER PENNSYLVANIA”, we need to have a true judicial inquiry and subsequent trial – not just continue Cheney and Bush’s propaganda that is unsubstantiated and since the evidence from that day leads to other conclusions about who carried out the attacks.
  6 years later, why haven’t we gotten to the bottom of this?  And why aren’t you leading the country to find the answers?  Who made those put options on United and American airlines, and why does the govt want to keep their names secret?  Why did the security company, long run by Marvin Bush, shut off all power at WTC and remove the security dogs?  Were explosives installed then?  Why did Condi Rice tell diplomats to NOT FLY on 9/10 and 9/11?  Why was the power to run Norad given to Rumsfeld and Cheney in June, 2001?  Why is there no plane from the pentagon?  Why was the steel from WTC destroyed and recycled in China?  And on and on it goes…
  I encourage you to be brave and ask these important questions.
Sincerely,Mark BanksRedmond WA

Change. Hope. Wackjobs.:[

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