Missiah And The Hills Share Kiss + Photoshop Fun!

Aw, isn’t this cute?

Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton plan to appear together Friday at a rally in Unity, New Hampshire, a town where they tied in the January primary.

The former rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination left Washington together Friday morning for the flight to New Hampshire.

They shared a polite kiss on arrival and sat together on the plane.

I wonder where Billy Jeff was at the time?

Say, did you know that Unity is so tiny that they have a big problem getting people to the town? Matter of fact, they are having to use lots and lots of school buses to get people in. Hey, did you know that school buses get really lousy milage, on aver 8-13 mpg? Wow, lots of CO2 output there, not to mention the real pollutants.

Photoshop time!!!!

Background via Zombietime

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One Response to “Missiah And The Hills Share Kiss + Photoshop Fun!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    well looks like the uber right has failed in their hope for disaray on the part of the Democrats. Today Obama reached an all time high on Intrade.com Things are looking worse daily for the G.O.P.

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