The Obama Seal Has Been Clubbed!!!!!!

Nooooooo! How could they do this? It was the gift that just kept giving!!!!!! (via Sister Toldjah)#-o

clubbing obama's seal

Apparently, after major, major, I am talking major snark and snickering, The Missiah has decided to do away with his arrogant, “laughable, ridiculous, preposterous and revealing” pseudo-presidential seal.

But, on the bright side, he will surely come up with some other arrogant thingamabob shortly.

PS: don’t expect me to stop the use of the old one. Toooooooo easy! p-(

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One Response to “The Obama Seal Has Been Clubbed!!!!!!”

  1. forest hunter says:

    So if the BHusseinO blows a seal in the forest can you hear it when it falls?

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