DU Comment Of The Day: Let’s Torture The Repukes!

Sometimes I find huge threads of the unhinged, sometimes all it takes is just one comment.

mmonk asks: If we win the Presidency and Congress, which parts of the constitution will remain and which parts will remain removed? For the articles and amendments still removed, will you still fight to restore them or just declare victory?

And we get:

TooBigaTent: 4. Personally, I would like to see the Dems use the powers that George created for himself to (1) get rid of any and all repuke influence in government via investigation, imprisonment, torture, and execution; (2) reverse through executive order all repuke laws rammed through during the past eight (hell, let’s go back to raygun) years; implement a far-left agenda concerning health care, the media, etc.; and (4) THEN restore the rule of law as it should be. :[

At least TooBigaTent has the cajones to say what most Progressives think.

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One Response to “DU Comment Of The Day: Let’s Torture The Repukes!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    How many comments did you read before you got to that one ?

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