NY Times Release OF CIA Interrogators Name Bush’s Fault

In the Wonderfully Wacky World of the Democratic Underground, sanity is profoundly lacking. You remember the story from Sunday, when the NY Times released the name of one of the CIA’s interrogators, a man who interrogated Abu Zubaydah, bin al-Shibh, al-Nashiri and KSM. Guess what?

Did the NYT Just Out Another CIA Agent to Help the NeoCons Invade Iran?

Blah blah blah, leading to McCamy’s conclusions

I. Background: The NeoCons are at War with the CIA and the NYTs is One of their Allies

Got that? The NY Times is in cahoots with the White House.

II. The NYTs Identifies A CIA Ex-Employee and Current Contractor By Name Over His Objections—Shades of Valerie Plame

Wait, here it comes!!!

The NYTs wants us to understand that they seriously considered Mr. Martinez’s request. They promise. But they absolutely had to write this story—-why? Because someone in the office of the Vice President or maybe Paul Wolfowitz told them to? Because McClatchy had a big multipart series about how the U.S. military under Rumsfeld had beaten, tortured, jailed without charges, allowed to be indoctrinated and then finally dumped a bunch of prisoners from Gitmo?

You know, this is starting to look more and more like the outing of Valerie Plame . As the administration ratchets up its plans for the invasion of Iran, is this article meant as a warning to the intelligence community? Back off with the Iran NIE, or we will go after you where you are most vulnerable—your agents.

So, in Liberal World, it was apparently the fault of the Bush administration that the NY Times published the name of a CIA employee over the objections of many, many people, including the employee himself.

You stay sane, DU.

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2 Responses to “NY Times Release OF CIA Interrogators Name Bush’s Fault”

  1. Stix says:

    Ithink the DUmmies have lost thier mind. BDS is taking overthier brains.

  2. Yup, they really are insane.

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