Illinois Sues Countrywide; Where Was Obama?

CBS News

The nation’s biggest mortgage lender engaged in “unfair and deceptive” practices to get homeowners to apply for risky mortgages far beyond their means, according to a civil lawsuit Illinois’ attorney general planned to file Wednesday.

And that is certainly their right, I have no problem with a State engaging in their 10th Amendment Rights. But, where is Senator Obama? Where WAS Senator Obama when the unfair and deceptive practices were occuring? He is Illinois’ Senator. This occured on his watch. Why did he not know about the unfair and deceptive practices and put a stop to them? Why has he been hiding on the campaign trail, reading the Gospels of Jeremiah Wright to people who soon faint?

We need to impeach the SOB for failing to stop the unfair and deceptive practices. But, hey, maybe he was getting something out of them. Maybe he helped them. Inside job!

Yup, sarcasm. Hey, everyone has to go a little moonbat now and then. s--

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5 Responses to “Illinois Sues Countrywide; Where Was Obama?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Well of course he was a member of the minority party until 2006. However it is the responsibility of the Exectutive Branch that failed. Where was George !!
    Americans blame the White House for the condition of the economy not the Democrats

  2. Scrapiron says:

    Hussein O came to the Senate with a majority in Jan 2007. He couldn’t possibly have stopped the mortage mess, which happened on his watch, he would have had to be in the senate doing his job and would have needed the brains to pour piss out of his boots before putting them on. He hasn’t been in the Senate a combined 30 days in 17 months and time after time he proves he doesn’t have the brains power of a third grade student. He’s a good spreaker if some ‘white’ guy writes him a good speach and he doesn’t lose his place on the teleprompter. He is truly an empty suit.

  3. Stacy says:

    W was busy stealing Iraq’s oil of course. He couldn’t have possibly known this was happening. At this point it would probably be cheaper to fill my gas tank with blood rather than gas.

  4. John, I don’t think you got the sarcasm of the post. I reckon’s Stacy and Scrapiron got it.

  5. Stacy says:

    I blame George Bush for your sarcasm.

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