San Fran Loves Those Illegal Alien Crack Dealers

What’s even more amazing is that the San Francisco Chronicle actually covered the story, rather then covering for the city – Feds probe S.F.’s migrant-offender shield (h/t Cassy Fiano and Michelle Malkin)

San Francisco juvenile probation officials – citing the city’s immigrant sanctuary status – are protecting Honduran youths caught dealing crack cocaine from possible federal deportation and have given some offenders a city-paid flight home with carte blanche to return.

The city’s practices recently prompted a federal criminal investigation into whether San Francisco has been systematically circumventing U.S. immigration law, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.

City officials say they are trying to balance their obligations under federal and state law with local court orders and San Francisco’s policies aimed at protecting the rights of the young immigrants, who they say are often victims of exploitation.

Federal authorities counter that drug kingpins are indeed exploiting the immigrants, but that the city’s stance allows them to get away with “gaming the system.”

San Francisco juvenile authorities have been grappling for several years with an influx of young Honduran immigrants dealing crack in the Mission District and Tenderloin.

Let’s see: the city does everything they can to insult the military and try and force them out of San Fran, yet, goes easy and invites back illegal aliens who are crack dealers. No, no, there is no such thing as San Francisco liberal values.

San Francisco police doubt that many of the young Hondurans they arrest on drug charges are even juveniles.

Police can report suspected adult illegal immigrants to federal authorities if they commit a crime, said Capt. Tim Hettrich, until recently the head of the narcotics unit.

So immigrant drug dealers “pass themselves off as juveniles, with a three-day growth of beard and everything else. It’s frustrating,” he said.

“Some of them have been arrested four or five times,” Hettrich said. “That is one of the big problems with being a city of sanctuary.”

Obviously, Capt. Hettrich doesn’t share the same San Fran values that are prevalent on the city council. Read the whole thing.

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach HATES San Francisco !!

  2. Nope. Never been there. Dislike San Fran liberals.

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