New Plugin Time – TTC Security Tool Plus Many Others

Yes, new plugins, yea, yea!

The first one is TTC WordPress Security Tool. This one “blocks cross-site script attempts, ip numbers of ill behaved people and bots and bans bad user agents.” You can also manually blacklist IP address. I installed this because neither Akismet nor Bad Behavior can really manually block. Spam Karma 2 can, but, I do not use that. I was getting massively hit from one IP over the weekend, attempting to my comments php file, causing 500 and 403 issues. Not anymore! Highly recommended.

Next up is Post Plugin Library. This is required for several other plugins, one of which, Similar Posts, I am using, which you can see on the Single Posts. Though, goes a little wonky with IE, all versions, with the theme I am using. There are several other interesting ones at the first link.

I have the Sphere Related Content one, pretty easy to understand what it does.

I also have WP Grins installed. There are a few other emoticons plugins out there, but, I like my Custom Smilies one, as it is really easy to add emoticons into it. However, doesn’t work to well with WP 2.5 and up. Adding Grins to WP adds the grins not only to the comments, but, right under the writing area, so easy to drag.

Another one is Simply RSS Fetcher. I do not actually have it running, but, it allows you to import an RSS feed into your sidebar or a post.

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