Psycho’s In The Back Yard

Right up the road in Durham. WRAL – Prosecutor: Couple’s Crimes Related To Cult

A Durham couple charged with kidnapping, rape and assault was involved with a satanic cult, a prosecutor said Monday.

Joy Johnson and Joseph Craig appeared at a bond hearing Monday. A judge set Craig’s bond at $590,000, but refused a prosecution request to increase Johnson’s bond from $270,000 to $500,000.

Prosecutors said a man and a woman met Craig through a shared interest in Satan worship, but the pair never consented to physical abuse.

Craig shackled his victims to beds, kept them in dog cages and starved them inside his Albany Street home, prosecutors said. He was charged with beating the man with a cane and a cord and with raping the woman.

Sick. But, wait, this should come as no surprise

Johnson, who was third vice-chair of the Durham County Democratic Party and vice-chair for the Young Democrats, was charged with two counts of aiding and abetting. Prosecutors said she knew her husband planned the crime and watched as they were committed.

She has resigned her positions with the Democratic Party, said state Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham.

Johnson also resigned her position as office manager for the Durham People’s Alliance.

The Durham People’s Alliance is a far left progressive group. I don’t think the rest really needs to be commented on, do you?

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3 Responses to “Psycho’s In The Back Yard”

  1. John Ryan says:

    wow Teach that is NEWS !!
    Not all Democrats are perfect ??
    Gee, thanks for digging that one up. when I checked with the Vegas odds it didn’t seem to have any effect on Obama he is still the heavy favorite. It just doesn’t seem fair that some of that can’t stain Obama does it ?
    Probably the hard right should go back to the flag on the lapel.

  2. I live in NC, John, and Durham is about 15 minutes away. So, yeah, it’s news to me. Plus, it is amazing that one of them was actually identified as a Democrat in a very Democrat area.

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