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Aside: Lenin In Berlin

Did y’all know that Lenin was in Berlin today? Raven catches the 411

Obama Calls Berlin Something He Won’t Call America

Quote of the day 4:33 p.m.: The meeting between Obama and Wowereit lasts 20 minutes, during which the Berlin mayor asks the senator about integration strategies in the US. Obama then signs the city’s guestbook, which Wowereit has brought with him to the Hotel Adlon. He writes: “Thank you so much for this open-hearted welcome. […]

Proof The Credentialed Media In The Tank For Obama

As proven by the Credentialed Media. IBD – Putting Money Where Mouths Are: Media Donations Favor Dems 100-1 The New York Times’ refusal to publish John McCain’s rebuttal to Barack Obama’s Iraq op-ed may be the most glaring example of liberal media bias this journalist has ever seen. But true proof of widespread media bias […]

Things Muslims Hate: Dogs Sniffing Them

Well, we already know that they hate dogs, so, this could drive them into a progressive type rage. The Argus – Muslim anger at sniffer dogs at station Muslims travelling on trains from Brighton have objected to sniffer dogs being used to search them for drugs and bombs. The trial by the British Transport Police […]

AGW And Elitist Today: High Expectations For Barry In Germany

Getting beyond the fawning, almost sexual idolatry in this story of Senator Neophyte Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama arrived in Berlin Thursday morning, kicking off the European leg of his overseas trip amid high expectations. A column of black BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars ferried the candidate to a private meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Overhead, a […]

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