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Pirate Weekend Linkfest – 7/10 To 7/13

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Good News! Clean Air Causes Global Warming!

Snort-worthy GOODBYE air pollution and smoky chimneys, hello brighter days. That’s been the trend in Europe for the past three decades – but unfortunately cleaning up the skies has allowed more of the sun’s rays to pierce the atmosphere, contributing to at least half the warming that has occurred. Since 1980, average air temperatures in […]

Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s me birthday!!!!! The Surrender Monkey went all out!

It’s Good To Be The King, Er, Governor

Yes, it certainly is good to be Mike Easley, with his term winding down. News 14 – First lady’s raise may break UNC rules The UNC System Board of Governors wants to know if N.C. State broke the rules when it gave first lady Mary Easley an $80,000 pay raise. The News & Observer reported […]

Rove Hearts Obama!

It is a good thing that the Wall Street Journal does not have comments, because the unhingedness (I don’t care if it’s not a word) over Rove’s hopiness and changiness article about Obama would be enormous. WSJ – Barack’s Brilliant Ground Game For a campaign that says it wants to end the politics of the […]

Will Media Matters Take The MSM To Task For Fauxtography?

You remember when Media (being Left) Matters pitched a hissy fit over a Fox News dumbass photoshopping incident, right? I wonder if they will be just as upset about the AFP photoshopping at least one picture of the Iranian missile launches, creating an extra missile? Little Green Footballs catches it, and Suitably Flip animates it. […]

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