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Rush May Buy Rams: Liberal Heads To Explode

Seriously, if you are in St. Louis, you might want to stay at least 100 feet from any liberal, cause it is not easy to get brains and blood out, ya know: Rush to NFL judgment: Limbaugh interested in the Rams Talk show host Rush Limbaugh would be an interested party if the St. Louis […]

Don’t Screw It Up, Barry!

Like many, I have gotten myself on Barack’s email list, and sometimes the stuff is extremely amusing William — Barack likes to tell a story about the two of us standing backstage before his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. The way he tells it, he was too busy in the days before the convention […]

Killing In The Name Of Muhammed: Blame The Messenger

Remember that report which showed that almost a 3rd of Muslims think it is OK to kill in the name of their religion? Well, blame the messenger Politicians and student leaders condemned a report which claimed almost a third of Muslim students believed it was justifiable to kill in the name of their religion. Most […]

Al Qaeda Mad Scientist Killed, Nutroots Doesn’t Bother

Hmm, interesting. Yesterday, Firedog-in-blackface-lake whined about Right Wing Blogosphere Completely Ignores Domestic Terrorism In Knoxville. Checking the blackface site today, there is no mention of Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar getting wacked by a Predator strike One of al Qaeda’s top chemical and biological weapons experts was killed in an air strike by a CIA pilotless drone […]

Jessica’s Law Signed By Gov. Easley

In good news for the People of North Carolina who want to protect their children against child predator’s, North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley has signed Jessica’s Law in to effect Monday Gov. Mike Easley signed a bill Monday that establishes minimum 25-year sentences for sex offenders who commit certain crimes against children. The measure, known […]

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