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The Dark Night: The Review

I know there have been some folks out there who have said The Dark Night was not that good, but, like the critics at Yahoo Movies, I have to give it an A-. Excellent movie, well worth the price of admission. Heath Ledger was truly outstanding as The Joker. Initially, the character seemed a little tepid, […]

The Colonel Is In Fallujah

You remember Fallujah, right? A hot bed of anti-Americanism, the only difference between it and San Francisco is that the people there were trying to, and succeeding, in killing American soldiers. Now (via America’s North Shore Journal) By Cpl. Chris T. Mann Regimental Combat Team 1 Public Affairs Office FALLUJAH, Iraq – Only a short […]

Aside: Jihad Summer Camps

Jihad summer camps? Confederate Yankee catches al-Reuters playing stupid games

Aside: Mohammed Brand Condoms

The Nose On Your Face is looking for a fatwa with “Mohammed Brand Condoms”

AGW Today: The Pickens Plan

So, I received an email last night asking why I haven’t commented on the Pickens Plan, since I write about anthropogenic global warming so much. The simple answer is, I have been waiting for the plan to be released ever since I started hearing about it on the radio, followed by TV ads. So far, […]

Grey Lady Tries Humor: McCain’s Low Road

This editorial is either a humor piece, or the Times has failed Politics 101. The fact that the Times is in the bag for Obama is a given Well, that certainly didn’t take long. On July 3, news reports said Senator John McCain, worried that he might lose the election before it truly started, opened […]

Barney To Introduce Marijuana Decriminalization Bill. Update: Now With Reparations

I found this at the DU, which points towards Drug Policy Alliance Network, however, I could not find what looks like a legit press release at that site, but did find it at Frank’s congressional site Wednesday: Press Conference with Rep. Barney Frank to Announce Introduction of First Marijuana Decriminalization Bill in Congress in Decades […]

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