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WordPress 2.6 Helper

No, I have not upgraded to 2.6 yet. 2.5.1 is working fine, but, a little hint regarding 2.6. If you upgrade, and cannot log in to the admin panel, and are getting a message that says “please log in again,” go to your actual webpage, and log out of it. Then, go and try and […]

Save The Great Whites! California Bans Trans Fats

Can’t a shark get a break? There are only so many seals to go around, and the Porkers (Aussie for Great White), need a rich, fatty diet to survive. If they die out, no one will be able to blame it on anthropogenic global warming! (via that Hot Air headlines thingy) California, a national trendsetter […]

AGW Today: Lettuce Bikini’s, Travel Sites, My View

Good news for those of you in Santa Fe Wearing nothing but strategically placed lettuce leaves, a pair of PETA’s Lettuce Ladies will hand out free Tofurky brand mock-turkey sandwiches and two free gallons of gas to the first 50 people at a Shell gas station in Santa Fe on Monday. PETA is “doing lunch” […]

Mac Attack: Audacity Of Hopelessness

While the article does end up attempting to make some dumb comparisons to the look of the McCain campaign to the Obama campaign during the past week, I can’t imagine that cBS/AP would have gone ahead with this piece just a few short months ago, which highlights the media’s diminishing love affair with Barry Republican […]

Vietraq Returns!

The Associated Press gives it the old college kindergarten try: Iraq War’s Price Tag Nears Vietnam’s The total cost of the Iraq war is approaching the Vietnam War’s expense, a congressional report estimates, while spending for military operations after 9/11 has exceeded it. The new report by the Congressional Research Service estimates the U.S. has […]

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