Mac Attack: Audacity Of Hopelessness

While the article does end up attempting to make some dumb comparisons to the look of the McCain campaign to the Obama campaign during the past week, I can’t imagine that cBS/AP would have gone ahead with this piece just a few short months ago, which highlights the media’s diminishing love affair with Barry

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, ridiculing Barack Obama for “the audacity of hopelessness” in his policies on Iraq, said Friday that the entire Middle East could have plunged into war had U.S. troops been withdrawn as his rival advocated.

Speaking to an audience of Hispanic military veterans, McCain stepped up his criticism of Obama while the Illinois senator continued his headline-grabbing tour of the Middle East and Europe. The Arizona Republican contended that Obama’s policies – he opposed sending more troops to Iraq in the “surge” that McCain supported would have led to defeat there and in Afghanistan.

“We rejected the audacity of hopelessness, and we were right,” McCain said, a play on the title of Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope.”

John McCain understands that we cannot just run away from problems, and hope they go away. Especially in the case of Iraq, and fighting the war on radical Islam. Barry would rather redeploy – and how soon will he move off the position of sending troops to Afghanistan? – and leave what has always been considered the lynchpin nation in the Middle East to its fate, good or bad. Washing his hands of the whole affair. If we want to make Vietnam comparisons, how well did that work out for the region? The millions slaughtered.

If Iraq is overrun by the Islamists, do not expect it to be a nation we can start normalizing relations with 20-30 years later.

At the end of the article, the comparisons are of the modern Jesus to a guy running for mayor

For the most part, the side-by-side images weren’t pretty:

Obama meeting with leaders in Iraq, McCain on a golf cart in Kennebunkport, Maine, with the first President Bush.

Obama before a sweeping Mideast landscape, McCain holding a news conference in a supermarket in Bethlehem – Pennsylvania, that is – and narrowly escaping an attack from a tumbling stack of apple sauce jars.

Obama delivering his trip’s keynote speech at Berlin’s Victory Column, McCain eating bratwurst and chatting with reporters at a German restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

The only thing missing were some XXX’s and OOO’s in the story. But, American’s do not want a rock star or a guy who can turn water into wine as president. They want a guy who you can sit down with and talk to. Which is why Obama cannot pull way ahead, despite the fawning adulation in the media, and, in fact, McCain is making inroads in key battleground states. American’s want a leader, not a messiah.

Dare I say, McCain’s strategy looks to be getting up close and personal with the American people he wants to lead as President. He is appearing as one of us.

Interesting video accompanying the article


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