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Court Says US Can Hold Islamic Nutjobs

If I had the time (getting ready for vacation!!!!!), I’d do a dumpster dive, but, we’ll take the left wing seething as read (NY Times) President Bush has the legal power to order the indefinite military detentions of civilians captured in the United States, the federal appeals court in Richmond, Va., ruled on Tuesday in a […]

Memory Hole Syndrome Continues To Strike Missiah

Like all the nasty posts at mybarackobama.com, looks like Barry is scrubbing his policy “positions,” such as they are. Nuanced! Barack Obama’s campaign scrubbed his presidential Web site over the weekend to remove criticism of the U.S. troop “surge” in Iraq, the Daily News has learned. The presumed Democratic nominee replaced his Iraq issue Web […]

Who’s The Better Commander In Chief?

Let’s check the tale of the tape Americans divide evenly between Barack Obama and John McCain’s approaches to the war in Iraq, and rate McCain much more highly on his abilities as commander-in-chief — key reasons the unpopular war isn’t working more to Obama’s advantage. Despite broad, longstanding dissatisfaction with the war, just 50 percent […]

DNC Loves Those Homeless In Denver

Let’s check in on the compassionate, caring, nannying Democrats in Denver, shall we? You are welcome here. That’s the message that Denver officials say they hope to convey to its homeless community as the Democratic National Convention approaches. No one will be swept or bused out of the city in an effort to “clean up” […]

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