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Grey Lady Tries The “Just Wondering” About McCain’s Birth Again

Yeah, I am a bit late to the party been kinda iBusy. Way back on the February 8, 2008, I caught some Lefties whining about McCain’s birth, and whether that made him inneligible to become President. I said it would become the next lefty meme. Then the NY Times tried it on for size. They […]

iWhew! iWow! iTired!

Holy cow, that was iFun and iInteresting. iFeet are iKilling me.

Surrender Monkey Friday: Missing In Action

The Surrender Monkey is MIA today, he is very, very busy! Blogging will be pretty much non-existent today.

Windows As Solar Collectors? Maybe

Now, this is very cool Covalent Solar, a startup being spun out by teamat the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has yet another idea for concentrating solar photovoltaics: Layered glass with organic dyes that let some wavelengths of light through, and trap others, channeling the light to solar cells at the perimeter of the “panel”. The […]

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