Killing In The Name Of Muhammed: Blame The Messenger

Remember that report which showed that almost a 3rd of Muslims think it is OK to kill in the name of their religion? Well, blame the messenger

Politicians and student leaders condemned a report which claimed almost a third of Muslim students believed it was justifiable to kill in the name of their religion.

Most of those said such extreme action was acceptable to defend Islam from attack, but a small number (4%) said it was permissible to kill to promote it.

Liberal Democrat youth and equality spokeswoman Lynne Featherstone attacked the “biased” survey, while National Union of Students (NUS) president Wes Streeting said it was a “reflection of the biases and prejudices of a right-wing think tank” and not the views of Muslim students across Britain.

Rather then addressing the substance of the poll, which is,

ALMOST a third of British Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified, according to a poll.

The study also found that two in five Muslims at university support the incorporation of Islamic sharia codes into British law.

the dhimmi’s on the Left would rather attack the message. Which is why Europe is quickly becoming Eurabia.

Funny how they like to attack Christianity, but leave Islam alone, despite

 In the report, 40% of Muslim students said it was unacceptable for Muslim men and women to associate freely. Homophobia was rife, with 25% saying they had little or no respect for gays. The figure was higher (32%) for male Muslim students. Among nonMuslims, the figure was only 4%.

Most Christian nations do not have a death penalty for being gay, like many Muslim nations, such as Iran, have.

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