Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s me birthday!!!!! The Surrender Monkey went all out!

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14 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    One step closer to going carbon neutral !! Congratulations

  2. c.a. Marks says:

    WOOT! Happy Birthday! What are you going to do to celebrate? Or do I want to know? Wish I was there!!! ((((((((HUGS)))))))) s–

  3. Butch says:

    Happy Birthday, Teach!

  4. Funny story, John: 2 of my friends who are Dems gave me $25 in carbon credits from Native Energy, one of the main ones from the Live Earth website 🙂

    Thanks, CA. Unfortunately, not doing much, at least today. Have a special project which goes live at 8am Friday, if you get my iPhonedrift, and have too many calls this afternoon and setup tonight. Played golf monday, going to try and get 9 in with some buds shortly, and a party on Sat night.

    Thanks, butch, I appreciate.

    Did get myself a Kindle. Pretty cool!

  5. Stacy says:

    WOO HOO!!!

    Happy birthday my dear friend.

  6. Silke says:

    Happy Birthday, Teach!

  7. Thank you both, Stacy and Silke. I appreciate much!

  8. steveegg says:

    Happy birthday, Teach. What does it make you, 36? 🙂

  9. If only, Steve. The big 41. Thanks for the b-day wishes!

  10. Indigo Red says:

    Could be worse, Teach. I’m 54 today. Happy B-day to us!

  11. forest hunter says:

    Happy Birthday to Sir William, from the Family of Teach!

    It’s always a good day as long as you’re on this side of the grass William, (in my best Pirate typing voice) or in your case lad….(short pause as we doff our tri-cornes and place them squarely on our breast)…………….. as long as yee’ve naught slipped beneat’da silllllllvery waves from a lot, who’s contemptuous hand’ez dealt’cha some ill-fated treachery, bound for Davy Jones and a watery grave! Dis be true and I so sawares it to be, aye!

    So we toast ye know with the finest drink that God granted us all…..on ship or shore, the sound of raised mugs crashed….”Here’s to Sir William!”, they shouted oer, “Happy Birthday Matey, for it’s not your last!”

  12. John Ryan says:

    2 Christmas’s past I also received carbon credits. I now regift them to you. Use them wisely.

  13. Stacy says:

    Okay John, you made me chuckle. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Regifting fits right in there.

  14. forest hunter says:

    So they weren’t to be used to light the charcoal on the barbecue, Stacy?

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