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McCain, Obamessiah Up In North Carolina

I’ll be honest, I barely saw any elections news till about 830pm, as I was massively busy in Real Lifeâ„¢. Usually not that busy on Tuesdays, but, daaaaaammmmmn! Went in at 930, left at 815. Good thing I voted prior to work, eh? Right now, McCain and Obama are up big for their races. Only […]

Rockefeller Wants To Help Those Poor To Drive More

I’m going somewhere with Jay’s wealth redistribution plan U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller has proposed legislation that would provide low-income families with a monthly stipend of $100 to $165 to offset soaring gasoline costs. According to the West Virginia Democrat’s plan, recipients would have to show that they drive 30 miles a day, or 150 miles […]

North Carolina Primary Day Linkfest

Yes, it is finally here, the eyes of the country are on North Carolina’s posterior today. Get out and vote for John McCain and Fred Smith. An interesting interview on 680-WPTF this a.m. The host was asking some Democrat wonk about whether all these new young voters are Democrat voters or Barack voters. She said […]

Georgia Close To War With Russia

Via Reuters through the Grey Lady Georgia is “very close” to a war with Russia, a Georgian minister said on Tuesday, citing Moscow’s decision to send extra troops to the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia. “We literally have to avert war,” Georgian State Minister for Issues of Reintegration Temur Iakobashvili told a news briefing during […]

Lake Baikal: A Seething Cauldron Of Global Warming

Amazingly, it took the NY Times 12 paragraphs to get to the dread “global warming” phrase (imagine it as Neal Boortz says it.) Family Science Project Yields Surprising Data About a Siberian Lake In 1945, when Stalin ruled the Soviet Union, Mikhail M. Kozhov began keeping track of what was happening under the surface of […]

Crazy Uncle Ron Has Not Dropped Out

Apparently, we have our own Operation Chaos going on, though at a much smaller size then the one between Hillary at Barack NMN Obama. I heard my first Ron Paul radio ad yesterday, and again this morning. Did you know that Crazy Uncle Paul believes that the U.S. has been fighting wars solely on behalf […]

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