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Things Islamists Hate: Transexual Driving Instructors!

Heh heh heh When a Muslim man contacted an all-female driving school to book a lesson for his learner wife, Emma Sherdley was not the kind of instructor he was expecting. Although dressed in a skirt, it soon became apparent to the angry husband that his wife’s teacher was not “all woman.” In fact, until […]

Welcome To Denver, DNC Style! No Shrimp, Though

Should make for a rockin’ party! (h/t Ryan) Fried shrimp on a bed of jasmine rice and a side of mango salad, all served on a styrofoam plate. Bottled water to wash it all down. These trendy catering treats are unlikely to appear on the menu at parties sponsored by the Denver 2008 Host Committee […]

Global Warming Today: Your Kangaroo Harms Your Own Theories

It’s really humorous when an attempt to validate anthropogenic global warming “theory” actually damages said theory A giant white kangaroo bounced into the science books on Tuesday as part of a global experiment to measure the amount of light the Earth reflects back to the sun. The cardboard cut-out marsupial, which measures 32 metres (105 […]

Soros Out To Destroy World Economy

How much you want to bet that he has money riding on the downfall of the world economy?  Billionaire investor George Soros has given his gloomiest assessment of the state of the US and world economies. He told BBC business editor Robert Peston that the “acute phase” of the credit crunch may be over but […]

Bob Corker Becomes Senator Squishy

Seriously, what is it about elected Republicans that turn them into squishy Democrat apologists and stooges? As soon as a Democrat starts whining and crying (Voinavich usually joins in on that!) and throwing a hissy fit, in other words, acting like a 4 year old, there always seems to be some Republican to side with them and decry […]

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